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Get A DemoExplore Atrius® SustainabilityAtrius Sustainability dashboard showing a portfolio emissions report from 2022 where it shows scope 1, scope 2, and scope 3 emissions.

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Take a deeper dive to understand how Atrius software transforms carbon accounting, ESG reporting, and energy management for sustainability professionals at the world’s largest companies.

Automate your carbon accounting workflow

Atrius® Sustainability Solve problems at the intersection of technology and sustainability

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  • Automated Emissions Accounting and Analysis

    Automatically convert resource use data into Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions using standard rates from the EPA, UK DEFRA, and more.

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  • Automated Sustainability Reporting

    Leverage GHG Protocol standard methodology with an auditable, assured process for carbon disclosure, meeting requirements of CDP, GRI, TCFD, NGER, GRESB, SDG, SECR, and SASB.

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  • ESG Reporting Assurance

    Eliminate audit risks with an annual platform assurance document which can be filed with your company's 10-K​.

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  • Sustainability Dashboards and Storyboards

    Improve transparency, motivate action, and hold your organization accountable for meeting ambitious goals.

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“Atrius makes energy and emissions data readily accessible to faculty, students, and consultants who appreciate the intuitive, user-friendly format.”

Martha M. Larson, CEM, Energy & Sustainability Manager, Carleton College (former)

Automate your energy management workflow

Atrius® Energy Portfolio-wide energy performance at a glance

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  • Automated Utility Bill Collection

    Urjanet integrations eliminate time- and labor-intensive processes with automated utility bill collection across 8,000 utilities worldwide.

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  • Energy Dashboards and Reporting

    Achieve a bird’s eye view of total building and equipment energy consumption across your entire portfolio.

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  • Centralized Data Management

    Centralize data collected from disparate systems like utility bills, submeters, renewable sources, IoT devices, work orders, assets, and APIs.

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  • Facilities & Equipment Maintenance

    Leverage predictive baseline modeling, local weather data for normalization, and custom alerting to proactively identify and predict problems before faults and failures happen.

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“Weber State has saved over $2.3 million since 2020 using Atrius Building Insights to identify, scope, and verify energy projects.”

Justin Owen, Energy Manager, Weber State University

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Atrius offers a comprehensive suite of SaaS tools for energy, sustainability, and facilities teams across various industries.







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