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Redefining the capabilities of modern spaces

Comprehensive solutions to enhance how buildings, businesses, and people interact.

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People walking in a city and they appear to be blurry because of the pace they are walking at

Bring intelligent spaces to life that sense, think, and act autonomously


Influenced by human nature

Atrius is pushing the boundaries of the built environment. Spaces come alive with systems designed to mimic sensory abilities known only in the natural world.

Scale connected experiences

We provide solutions built for multi-site portfolios and massive, complex venues operating as independent cities. We analyze data you might not know exists.

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Enabling spaces to think

Intelligence-enabled spaces become living environments capable of sustaining and optimizing their performance to deliver exceptional occupant experiences.

Data-driven discovery

Modern spaces are incredibly complex entities, more than just walls and a roof. Atrius powers your spaces to convert predictive analytics into actionable insights.

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AI-assisted, human-facilitated

Modern spaces play an active role in shaping people’s experiences. Atrius creates spaces that work with people to achieve specific outcomes.

Trusted recommendations drive action

Atrius delivers specific AI-driven recommendations with detailed context, empowering you to make informed decisions and take immediate action.

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Backed by the power of Acuity Brands

Atrius is founded on a deep, empathic understanding of the rapidly evolving pain points of operating modern spaces. From the world’s largest airports to the architectural wonders of enterprise businesses and cutting-edge venues, we understand spaces are more than walls, windows, and ceilings.

The realization of our strategic vision is a class of innovative solutions working in sync to revolutionize how people operate, work in, and experience spaces. Atrius is part of the Intelligent Spaces Group, a new Acuity Brands division revolutionizing spaces to sense, think, and act.