Our Brand Journey

The Evolution of Atrius

Atrius has been part of the Acuity Brands portfolio for nearly a decade. In that time, the brand built a focus on leveraging technology to improve how the built environment operates. As Acuity Brands continues to provide solutions that meet at the intersection of technology and sustainability, Atrius has grown to include a full range of cloud applications that make spaces smarter, safer, and greener. The most well-known companies to join the Atrius brand were Lucid Design Group and LocusLabs.

An innovative solution to modernize facilities and energy management through accessible, actionable building data. Lucid Design Group’s flagship product, BuildingOS, challenged the industry standard for centralizing, visualizing, and analyzing energy and utility data from disparate sources across vast regional and global building portfolios.

LocusLabs revolutionized passenger experience for the world's largest airports and airlines with cutting edge indoor maps and wayfinding technology. LocusMaps, the flagship product, delivered seamless indoor navigation across across web, smartphones, and airport screens enabling a stress-free travel journey from door-to-gate.

Culminating the Atrius brand journey

Atrius Sustainability

Sustainability Reporting

Atrius Energy

Energy Management

Atrius Wayfinder

Indoor Mapping

As Atrius stands today, we offer one of the most comprehensive software solution suites on the market for commercial buildings. The acquisition of Lucid Design Group and LocusLabs, among others, has led to impressive brand growth under Acuity Brands’ Intelligent Spaces Group, allowing Atrius to create a synergetic relationship with the lighting side of the business and Distech Controls, the building controls counterpart to Atrius’ software. Through the evolution of these brands, we continue to strive towards creating better solutions for buildings, enabling them to become smarter, safer, and greener.

The future of Atrius

While we are no longer Lucid Design Group or LocusLabs, the products and values those organizations, and the team members who came from them, are still very much part of the Atrius vision. Our focus has always been on buildings and the need to improve how they operate for people and our planet. As we continue to move forward, additional software solutions will be added to assist in the fault detection and diagnostics of faults, monitoring of building equipment health, and more – as the needs of buildings change, so will Atrius.

With an ever-expanding product suite, we look to find ways to improve our existing solutions, making them easier to use and drive better building performance. And as we bring new products to market, our goal is to ensure every solution builds a bridge between the hardware and software within the built environment so that each building.