Atrius® Vision

Reimagine the power of your cameras with AI

A lot of passengers getting ready to go through security at the airport and an app interface displaying the busyness of TSA

Understand how people move throughout your spaces

Queue Management

Improve customer service and operational efficiency with live updates on wait times in queues.

Occupancy Monitoring

Measure presence and number of people in a space to manage customer-to-associate ratios.

Footfall Analysis

Maximize the value of your space with a granular understanding of traffic patterns.

Improve customer experience with real-time data

Someone's hands holding a smartphone displaying an Atrius app interface with TSA Checkpoint information on it

Transform your video data into actionable insights

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  • No New Hardware

    Leverage your investment in security cameras to extract live knowledge of what is happening in your space.

  • Modular Analysis

    Capture live information from virtual sensors enabling you to extract different insights from a single camera.

  • Custom Views

    Create custom views, dashboards, and reports to enable staff monitoring and customer displays.

  • Real-Time Updates

    Be in the know at all times with alerts for SMS and email based on sensor outputs.

  • Data Integrations

    Enjoy simple integrations with your existing applications and business intelligence systems.


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