Our Commitment

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Delivering a world where buildings are part of the solution to create sustainable environments.

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It's time to come together

We all have a role in our shared responsibility to protect the environment for future generations.

Protect our natural resources

It's time to improve our understanding of how buildings consume natural resources and how to optimize our spaces to be more efficient.

Set bold climate actions plans

Caring is no longer enough - it's time for bolder and more ambitious strategies for combating climate change and preserving our environment for generations.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Accelerate our path towards net zero

Reducing carbon emissions is doable, but challenging. It's time to improve our abilities to accurately measure, report, and confidently take informed action.

Our Priorities

Achieving 100% carbon neutral operations

Our commitment to reducing carbon emissions for our customers extends to our operations.

Enhancing energy efficiency

Solutions like Atrius Building Insights help organizations monitor, manage, and reduce their energy usage within buildings and provide a bird’s eye view of how our own company facilities consume resources.

Elevating awareness

From our remote employees to those working in our offices, we believe in sharing progress on our efforts towards sustainability. Because we believe this is a group effort.

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Committed to creating a better future.

Building operations account for 28% of annual global greenhouse gas emissions. As part of the Acuity brands family, our mission at Atrius is rooted in the idea that we have the power to create a better future where our planet, communities, and businesses can thrive. We’re combining the brilliant minds of our people with the scale of our businesses to solve this problem, decoupling our growth from our carbon emissions.

Check out the Acuity Brands 2021 Earthlight report to understand how we think about and measure our success in ESG across the organization at large: Download the report

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