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Improving how people navigate complex spaces

Deliver indoor mapping solutions across web, mobile, and native applications.

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the inside of a shopping mall

Centralized Data

Gain greater spatial data control, accuracy, and sharing within a central venue management system.

Intuitive Navigation

Guide visitors through your spaces with blue-dot-enabled technology like GPS, BLE, or VLC.

Simple Setup

Deploy production-ready digital maps in 30 days or less without developers and graphic designers.


Wayfinding & Routing

Step-by-step wayfinding with live estimated arrival times and accessible routing options.

Geofenced Notifications

Targeted information delivered to users as they enter or exit specific areas.

Cartography Services

Hands-on map creation with robust integration capabilities for every device.

Location-based Search

Drive ancillary revenue and increase visitor satisfaction by highlighting specific locations and features in your spaces.

Cross-Device Compatibility

Display contextually relevant interactive maps in browsers, mobile devices, and digital signage.

Venue Management System

Enable teams to easily add, remove, edit, and publish content across all map-hosted channels.

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