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LocusLabs is now an integral component of the Atrius portfolio


The LocusLabs products you know and trust are now Atrius® Wayfinder, but the page that you’re trying to reach is no longer available.

Atrius® Wayfinder

Acuity Brands Lighting, Inc

Our journey to Acuity Brands

LocusLabs was acquired by Acuity Brands in December 2019 and later rebranded under the name of Atrius Wayfinder. LocusLabs’ expertise in unlocking and enhancing spatial understanding perfectly complemented Acuity’s lighting portfolio, particularly in conference areas, halls, arenas, and airports where Acuity’s clients operate. The synergy between the LocusLabs’ location technology and Acuity’s embedded lighting solutions offered a powerful combination for optimizing space efficiency. This technology now serves as a complement to our Atrius portfolio of cloud applications for buildings by providing valuable location data to illustrate how people and assets move within a space, ultimately enhancing efficiency and user experience.

About Atrius® Wayfinder

Since its acquisition, Atrius® Wayfinder has undergone significant enhancements driven by substantial investments in both technology and product development. These improvements have been particularly notable with the introduction of recent features like multi-point routing. With each advancement, our technology has evolved to provide users with more intuitive and efficient ways to navigate indoor spaces. The future is promising with our continued investment planned in both existing hardware and the development of new applications. Atrius is committed to delivering a comprehensive solution for buildings, leveraging its innovative technology and revolutionizing how people interact with and navigate within indoor spaces. 


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“With Blue Dot technology and experience catering to airports worldwide, Atrius is a trusted and valued partner in implementing airport wayfinding technology.”

Stephen Glenfield, Senior Digital Manager at Heathrow Airport

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