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Intelligent Spaces Group: The Future of Automation for Buildings & Beyond

The Intelligent Spaces Group (ISG) makes buildings smarter, safer, and greener through software, sensors, and controls. As spaces move beyond disconnected and analog systems, ISG technology connects systems within our built environment to drive better outcomes for the people within them.

Our Approach to Delivering Meaningful Customer Outcomes

Solutions within the building management industry face two problems:

  1. Solutions are not scalable nor able to integrate with existing systems: This limits the impact customers have towards organizational goals.
  2. Vendors create products from a cloud-first or edge-first perspective, not both: This limits the choices customers have within the market, forcing them to choose between solutions that may not fully meet their needs.

Through ISG brands Distech Controls™, Atrius®, and KE2Therm, we solve customer problems through our building management controls, energy and sustainability software, and location-aware applications. Our technology is built with open protocols and open channels, giving customers complete flexibility in choosing the solution to best solve their challenges. Our technologies go to market through a world-class ecosystem of nearly 1000 Systems Integrators supporting deployments at a local and global level.

We realize that buildings operate within a lifecycle, and customers start from different points. Whether your approach starts from edge controls driven or cloud data, ISG solutions span the journey with industry-leading products:

A Controls-Driven Journey:

Controllers within any building function as the heart of the space, providing necessary functions such as HVAC and lighting. However, these systems have an on-premise history, typically disconnected from remote management, leaving vast amounts of edge data untapped. As facility managers get improved visibility and control of their buildings, we help drive improved operational efficiency. 

Customer Use Case: 

  • Control Systems: Customers who need a single comprehensive control system for lighting, electronic devices, HVAC, and refrigeration can trust the Distech Controls nLight and ECLYPSE. Leveraging the latest onsite technology, these controllers optimize critical building systems with a focus on energy efficiency.   
digital twin rendering of buildings

A Data-Driven Journey:

Sometimes the journey in modernizing spaces begins by solving a specific problem such as centralized energy management or automated sustainability reporting. However, many opportunities to optimize how buildings perform are hindered by lack of data, no way to automate the collection, or lack of clarity into how this data can be actualized. Applications with our cloud brand Atrius make the process of extracting value from building data faster, easier, automated, and scalable.  

Customer Use Cases:  

  • Sustainability Reporting: Organizations with corporate sustainability goals are spending too much time building reports with little time left to devote to action plans to reducing their impacts. Atrius Sustainability is our cloud-based carbon emissions tool to help customers automate both their emissions calculations and disclosure reporting.   
  • Energy Management: Improving energy consumption within a building requires energy managers to consolidate, automate, and analyze large amounts of data. With Atrius Energy, customers spend less time managing data and more time gaining insights into cost and resource saving opportunities.   
  • Equipment Optimization: Every building at some point will have equipment failure, but each time the burden for facility managers is the same with expensive repair costs and inconvenient impacts on business operations. Atrius Resolve proactively identifies and triages problems to help service technicians solve equipment failures, reducing service costs and building down time. 
  • Equipment Automation: As organizations expand their footprint with buildings across the world, facility managers have more need than ever to view portfolio performance at scale. Atrius Facilities takes on-premise equipment management to the cloud, enabling large-scale command-and-control of equipment as easily as for one building.  

Atrius and Distech Controls solutions are crafted with all solutions and data points in mind, passing data back and forth to offer businesses a cohesive product suite for complete building automation and optimization. Our customers have peace of mind that data coming through our solutions is interoperable regardless of their solution choice through the use of our open protocols and labor procurement practices.

Building the Bridge Between Lighting & Edge-to-Cloud Solutions

With over a third of buildings in North America equipped with Acuity Brands’ lighting, many know the organization as a leading lighting manufacturer. Through the scale of our lighting solutions and the innovation behind our cloud applications, Acuity provides solutions at the intersection of technology and sustainability that address the most common challenges within our buildings. Within our ISG division, we focus on realizing the full potential customers can achieve in streamlining building performance by bringing best in class hardware and software solutions together.

This led to the development of a dedicated mission to digitize and improve spaces through edge-to-cloud solutions. Today, our ISG brands Atrius, focusing on the cloud-based software, and Distech Controls, providing building controllers and sensors, spread-head our mission towards smarter, safer, and greener spaces.

We recently welcomed KE2 Therm Solutions, a leader in intelligent refrigeration control solutions, to the ISG portfolio, further expanding our support into the commercial refrigeration market.

What’s Next for the Intelligent Spaces Group

Our goal is to empower businesses with a complete understanding of how their buildings operate by opening the most data heavy sources within their spaces. Bringing sensors, software, and controls into a single platform provides business owners and facility managers all the information they need across any device to effortlessly manage their spaces at scale. Our digital twin, DataLab, is an easy-to-use, singular platform that ingests data from any source to better drive decision-making, creating spaces that are:

  • Smarter: Investing in open data solutions to automate buildings from top-to-bottom
  • Safer: Gaining better control of building systems and pre-emptively identifying and resolving equipment issues
  • Greener: Reducing carbon emissions and energy usage to achieve corporate sustainability goals
green forest landscape

The Revolution of Building Automation is Here

We currently live in an era where both operating policies and technology are constantly evolving, forcing individuals and businesses to constantly catch up, and stall their own business innovation.

The solutions we provide identify and enable opportunities that were previously unreachable and often unimaginable.

We aspire to a better tomorrow where your buildings can tell you not just how your equipment is performing but take steps to automate and optimize it. Where buildings data and operational data intersect to give you digital precision over your physical space. Where people can interact with and tune their space as easily as they can their mobile phone. Where buildings use energy efficiently and are the lead players in decarbonization.

Now is the time to invest in your buildings to make them Smarter, Safer, and Greener.

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