Atrius® Resolve - Preview

Predictive equipment health management for buildings

Product application image of Atrius Resolve Dashboard presenting a screen with building asset data

Building a path to fully automated and optimized buildings

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  • Easily manage individual and organization-wide assets

    Address and optimize problem assets across single or multiple buildings, creating a centralized location for the data you’re managing.

  • Lifecycle management tool at your fingertips

    Improve equipment utilization & availability to predict trends to summarize, visualize, benchmark, and report key data to stakeholders.

  • Digitally transform building automation and optimization

    Proactively manage and maintain building data ensuring that your equipment gets healthy, and stays healthy.


The future impact of Atrius Resolve

Ready for a Deeper Dive?

Atrius Resolve will be generally available later this year. If you need to improve operational equipment uptime, schedule time with a team member to learn more about how we can solve your lighting, hvac, and refrigeration maintenance challenges.

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