Energy and Sustainability Dashboards

View energy and sustainability data in simple, easily customizable, and shareable dashboards.

Configure custom dashboards for quick access to critical data

  • Customize each card with high-priority, actionable information necessary to achieve organizational sustainability goals

  • Position the cards across the screen as you prefer

  • Email, share links, or display the final dashboard on public company screens to share sustainability accomplishments with stakeholders, employees, and occupants

Get a bird’s eye view of total portfolio performance

  • Your Building Summary card displays the last 12 months’ consumption and production of each data point across your buildings

  • The Portfolio Comparisons card showcases electricity use across all your different types of buildings over the last 12 months

  • The Portfolio Trends card shows how resource consumption usage changed portfolio-wide over 12 months

Gain precise understanding of resource and performance metrics

  • The Building Profile card displays critical information, including address, building type, number of floors, etc.

  • See resource consumption for each Whole building point type over the last 12 months on the Building Summary card

  • Use the Building Trends card to analyze how a specific point type is performing over the course of a year

Share progress with occupants, stakeholders, and associates

  • Schedule automatic dashboard emails to stakeholders with easy to understand visuals and reports

  • Increase engagement with public facing displays and competition dashboards

  • Create links to let people access specific dashboards without a login

  • Share single data sets instead of full dashboards