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Atrius Resolve: Building a Path to Fully Automated and Optimized Buildings

No matter how well managed or maintained your buildings and equipment are, something, someday, is guaranteed to fail. When it does, how prepared are you? Take a sneak peek and […]

No matter how well managed or maintained your buildings and equipment are, something, someday, is guaranteed to fail. When it does, how prepared are you? Take a sneak peek and learn more about Atrius Resolve, providing customers with an unmatched solution to digitally transform building automation and optimization.

At Atrius®, our goal is to provide solutions that enable buildings to sense, think, and act. The world’s largest and most innovative organizations lean on Atrius software to power a digital transformation of their built spaces. Today, we are excited to give customers a preview of Atrius Resolve: an exciting technology milestone as we build a path to fully automated and optimized buildings.  

The Future Impact of Atrius Resolve

There’s been a lot of recent buzz around traditional fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) solutions, although these solutions have been around for many years.  

But while these solutions are common place when it comes to managing systems within a space, they still fall short of addressing the core problems facing our customers:  

  1. Equipment maintenance is expensive and hard to do remotely  
  1. Every second of equipment failure is added costs towards operations and unsatisfied business operations   

As companies address the problems at hand and look at building challenges from an asset level, Atrius Resolve is a fully lifecycle management tool that can improve equipment utilization and availability. Whether it is detecting a problem, predicting a problem, or recovering from a failure, Atrius Resolve technology will ensure that your equipment gets healthy, and stays healthy. At the helm of this latest application, Andrew Blauvelt and Brent Lowe, Product Managers at Atrius, gives us a preview of Atrius Resolve. 

What to Expect

Atrius Resolve will fix problems in a building, as well as further optimize buildings at scale: 

Easily manage individual and organization-wide assets

Each building is as unique as a snowflake. Facility managers face day-to-day challenges trying to apply consistency and analyze accurate data from sensors. Unlike a traditional FDD platform, Atrius Resolve stands out from traditional solutions by connecting to leading industry hardware like Distech Controls which allows the user to have deeper ontology and domain for a better framework. For customers, the end result is richer access to data from the hardware running your buildings and proactive maintenance that prevents equipment failure from becoming the emergency it so often is. 

atrius resolve dashboard

Save time and money with a seamless integration

Save hundreds of hours of implementation time and money and provide instant value to an owner or operator. While our Atrius applications are cloud first and enable customers to centralize and automate vast amounts of data easily, industry leading Distech Controls hardware allows customers to leverage best in class controllers within their buildings. This means that customers gives the ability to integrate seamlessly and offer an unmatched experience that simplifies the implementation process. 

Confidently solve challenges at scale

Atrius Resolve not only collects data across sites, it also helps predict trends and allows as much granularity you need to help you summarize, visualize, benchmark, and report key data to stakeholders. Our application also helps address and optimize problem assets across single or multiple buildings, creating a centralized location for the data you’re managing. With Resolve, facility managers and system integrators can collect large amounts of data, analyze the details, and be alerted of a problem in real time, all within the same application without the need to be onsite.  

atrius resolve dashboard

Ready for a Deeper Dive?

Atrius Resolve will be generally available later this year. If you need to improve operational equipment uptime, schedule time with a team member to learn more about how we can solve your lighting, hvac, and refrigeration maintenance challenges. For more information about any of our Atrius applications, visit our website. We look forward to sharing more soon!

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