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Atrius Voices: Rachel Luciano, Marketing Lead Manager

Rachel Luciano is a devoted member of the Atrius Marketing team. Ever since she joined, Rachel has been an integral part of the team responsible for brand awareness, event management, and content creation bringing our solutions to the front.

Atrius Voices is a series of blog posts that dive into the Atrius experience through the eyes of our team. Discover the personal narratives that underscore our commitment to a sustainable and innovative workplace, one employee at a time. These stories reflect the vibrant spirit and collective drive that empower our solutions and define our path forward.

Introducing Rachel Luciano

Rachel Luciano is a devoted member of the Atrius Marketing team. Ever since she joined, Rachel has been an integral part of a team responsible for brand awareness, event management and content creation bring out solutions to the front.

Rachel is a dynamic marketer known for her passion, transparency, and commitment to sustainability. She sees marketing as more than just selling products; it’s about advocating for the brand and its values. Rachel prioritizes collaboration, work-life balance, and supporting her team, making her a valued asset and inspiring colleague.

In our interview, Rachel delves deep into her experiences, discussing the different aspects of marketing, the importance of adaptability in today’s fast-paced work environments, and her vision for marketing within sustainability.

Ricky Porco: Rachel, how did your journey at Atrius begin?
Rachel Luciano:
It’s hard to believe it’s been almost two years since I started this journey back in October 2022. My curiosity about Atrius began on the Acuity Lighting side and I was interested in learning more about ISG after my initial conversation. What really caught my attention was how Acuity Brands blends technology and hardware, and how ISG focuses on technology and sustainability. Seeing legacy organizations adapt and upgrade themselves with technology was fascinating and sparked my interest to learn more.

RP: How do you feel like Atrius allows you to contribute to building a more sustainable future?
We keep big businesses accountable for their carbon emission. We are reducing greenwashing. I am not a fan of when people and organizations act like they’re being sustainable when they are not. Working here allows us to ensure businesses aren’t pretending anymore.

RP: Do you feel like working here enables you to grow as a sustainability professional
RL: I’m constantly learning. I didn’t have a background in sustainability; it was just a personal interest. But I’m always picking up new insights from our team members. Whether it’s during a sales pitch or product training sessions, I’m always learning something new about sustainability. With so many laws and regulations being discussed, it’s important for me to learn from my fellow team members. Their knowledge has really helped me grow as a sustainability professional. 

RP: Who’s your favorite cross functional team to work with and why?
RL: Chelsea – we’ve implemented so many new fun projects and campaigns this year from the newsletters, webinars, events and just causally learning from her. With the many new initiatives and campaigns, we’ve launched – it has been really rewarding learning from her. 

RP: Can you share a project that you’ve worked on that you’re particularly proud of?  
I am most proud of IBcon, an intelligent buildings conference. It’s one of my biggest projects so far because it not only involved Atrius but also Distech Controls as well. It was our first true “Better Together Initiative” to spark what we’re currently partnering in FY24.

RP: What is the biggest challenge that you faced in your time here? How did you overcome it & what did you learn from it?
I believe that the challenges faced by new team members are quite common. Personally, I’ve found it important to understand the team dynamics both from a professional and personal standpoint. It requires emotional intelligence to grasp how each team member prefers to work and leverage our strengths to achieve project goals.  

RP: How does the organization encourage innovation and creative thinking within your role?
I believe transparency is key to fostering innovation and creative thinking. We’ve built a culture of trust and openness where we can freely discuss what works and what doesn’t, allowing us to learn, improve, and grow as a team. We’re agile in our approach, constantly experimenting to find effective solutions while being resourceful with our budget.

RP: How has Atrius supported your work life balance?
I really like how our marketing team looks out for each other’s work-life balance. Our team is always calling each other out when we’re online, when we’re not supposed to be. It shows that we care about each other’s well-being! 

RP: Are there company events or initiatives that have resonated with you particularly?
Atrius is unique because it marries user-centric design with forward-thinking technology. In the realm of product management, this translates to a meticulous focus on user feedback while simultaneously staying ahead of technological trends. At Atrius, we’re not just reacting to industry changes; we’re often ahead of the curve, anticipating the market’s needs. This proactiveness is truly what sets us apart.

RP: What does marketing mean to you?
Marketing is like being the cheerleader for the company, you know? It’s not just about selling; it’s about being genuinely passionate and excited about what you’re promoting. Anyone can promote something they don’t care about, but when you’re truly invested in the brand and its values, it shows.

That extra level of commitment, that belief – it’s easy to be genuine when you are passionate about something. It’s about being authentic, being that spirited advocate for your brand – that’s what marketing is all about!

Rachel’s journey embodies the commitment, adaptability, and forward-thinking that are the hallmarks of our organization. Her experiences from the startup days through the transformative acquisition and her ongoing contributions to building brand awareness and highlight the remarkable marketing efforts driving Atrius forward. As we continue spotlighting the extraordinary individuals shaping our future, we eagerly anticipate sharing more inspiring stories in our upcoming features. Stay tuned for more captivating insights from the voices of Atrius.

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