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Atrius Voices: Hannah Greinetz: Director of Customer Care

Hannah Greinetz: Director of Customer Care at Atrius, has been pivotal in developing and delivering the businesses solutions to the customers at large.

Atrius Voices is a series of blog posts that dive into the Atrius experience through the eyes of our team. Discover the personal narratives that underscore our commitment to a sustainable and innovative workplace, one employee at a time. These stories reflect the vibrant spirit and collective drive that empower our solutions and define our path forward.

Introducing Hannah Greinetz

Meet Hannah Greinetz, an experienced Atrius Customer Experience team member who has been with the organization since the “pre-acquisition days” before Acuity Brands acquired Lucid Design Group.

As a Customer Experience leader, Hannah navigates the complexities of working with various technical teams and directly with customers, ensuring customer needs are always met. Her work with customers to effectively use our platform to achieve their sustainability illustrates how Acuity’s Earthlight initiatives are part of every department’s goals.

In this candid interview, she shares her experiences, challenges, and the pride of being a part of the Atrius journey.

Ricky Porco: You’ve had the unique experience of being part of a startup and navigating through an acquisition. Can you share what that journey was like?
Hannah Greinetz:
The startup environment was intense but equally rewarding. There’s an unmatched energy and drive to innovate. Navigating Acuity’s acquisition brought new challenges and some pretty significant opportunities, but I’ve always been excited to see what the future holds and confident in our leadership. It was a testament to the value of our work at Lucid, and it’s been a learning curve blending into a larger organization.

RP: How did your previous work experiences prepare you for this unique transition? 
HG: Each role I’ve held has brought its own set of lessons. I came from solar energy consulting just before joining Lucid. Before that I’d been in sustainability consulting for cities and nonprofits, helping them build strategies and initiatives, measure & report, and message their sustainability and climate initiatives. Working in diverse environments has taught me adaptability, which proved crucial during the acquisition. It’s essential to be open to change while staying true to the core values and mission that defined Lucid, and the ideals which drew me there. 

RP: Post-acquisition, how do you feel Atrius or Acuity has upheld the values of Lucid? 
Atrius and Acuity have done an awesome job integrating the essence of Lucid. While there are inevitable changes in processes and culture, the core ethos that Lucid stood for remains intact. Atrius recognizes the value of our foundational beliefs and ensures they continue to influence our direction and decisions. Sustainability is definitely the focus for us in the future. 

RP: How has Atrius supported your work-life balance? 
HG: Our remote work policy is great for creating balance between work and personal life. Location flexibility and control over my schedule are both important for me, so I love the remote work model we have.

RP: What has been the most challenging aspect during your tenure at Atrius?
While remote work can enable some great lifestyle options, building a remote team culture has been challenging. It’s essential to establish strong relationships across virtual spaces and ensure conversations aren’t solely about work. Atrius and the larger ISG team have been able to put together fun events that allow us to be productive and enjoy time with each other at the same time.  

RP: Can you recall a moment where you received constructive feedback or a growth opportunity here? 
Feedback is transparent and timely, which I genuinely appreciate. A significant growth opportunity was when I proposed creating a team lead position, outlining the steps needed to form a competent customer success team. This was well-received, showing the progressive culture here at Atrius, where stepping up and showing the business value, due diligence, and viability of your ideas and plans is encouraged. 

RP: What makes you proud to be part of the Atrius team? 
I’m proud when external publications like EELeader and Smart Energy Decisions highlight the outstanding work of our customers or recognize us with an award for innovative sustainability software. Our commitment to sustainability, as seen with our net zero goals and subsequent steps towards them, is commendable. I’m also continuously proud of my team and their dedication to helping our customers achieve their own goals and understand how the platform can help them decrease energy and resource use in their buildings. I’m proud of our product’s recognition as a sustainable reporting tool. Atrius is not only setting net zero goals but is actively navigating the challenges of achieving them, showing our genuine commitment to the cause. 

RP: Who’s your favorite cross-functional team to work with and why? 
I enjoy working with our sales engineers, like Eric Pratt and Mike Johnson. That team has deep understanding of our customer industries and the solutions deployed at the building level, which gives another layer of understanding of our customer needs and opportunities. Collaborating with them, interpreting their technical insights, and making it comprehensible for the customer is always an enriching challenge. I love talking to both of them.  

RP: How does sustainability tie into your day-to-day work? 
We’re responsible for ensuring customers are successful! If we do our job well, it means we reduce emissions for our customers. My pride is displayed in full force when our team showcases our clients’ exemplary work through our platform, emphasizing sustainable practices and goals! 

RP: How do you envision Atrius’s role in fostering a more sustainable future? 
By setting ambitious goals like achieving net zero and actively working towards them, Atrius is leading the way. We’re not just talking the talk but walking the walk, and that’s instrumental for a brighter, more sustainable future. We’re also enabling our clients to get there faster, smarter, and more accurately. 

RP: Lastly, any advice for companies looking to embark on their sustainability journey? 
Start with clear goals, leverage tools like the Atrius platform to centralize data and measure progress, and remain committed to continuous learning and growth in sustainability. 

Hannah’s journey embodies the commitment, adaptability, and forward-thinking that are the hallmarks of our organization. Her experiences from the early startup days through the transformative acquisition and her ongoing contributions to sustainability and customer success highlight the remarkable passion driving Atrius forward. As we continue spotlighting the extraordinary individuals shaping our future, we eagerly anticipate sharing more inspiring stories in our upcoming features. Stay tuned for more captivating insights from the voices of Atrius.

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