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Atrius Voices: Andrew Dallmann: Director of Product Management

Andrew Dallmann, the Director of Product Management at Atrius, has been pivotal in developing and delivering the businesses’ key value products to the market at large.

Atrius Voices is a series of blog posts that dive into the Atrius experience through the eyes of our team. Discover the personal narratives that underscore our commitment to a sustainable and innovative workplace, one employee at a time. These stories reflect the vibrant spirit and collective drive that empower our solutions and define our path forward.

Introducing Andrew Dallmann

Andrew Dallmann is a devoted member of the Atrius Product Development team. Ever since he joined, Andrew has been an integral part of a team responsible for creating innovative, user-centric products and continuously reimagining the future of workspace solutions.

A vocal advocate for active listening, Andrew believes that the key to effective work lies in understanding and adapting the environment to suit the task at hand, aiming to ensure a harmonious balance between professional demands and personal well-being. His perspective on work-life balance is not just a testament to his values, it’s also reflected in the products Atrius designs.

In our interview, Andrew delves deep into his experiences, discussing the nuances of product development, the importance of adaptability in today’s fast-paced work environments, and his vision for the future of workspaces.

Ricky Porco: Andrew, how did your journey at Atrius begin?
Andrew Dallmann:
My journey at Atrius really began because a friend of a friend reached out about an opportunity they felt I might be a good fit for, at an interesting and exciting company. I didn’t really know anything about Atrius or Acuity Brands, but the connection who introduced me to the role was a good, trusted friend, and the timing was right for my career. I was at a phase in my career where I was seeking to expand what I was doing from a product management standpoint. 

I was compelled by the potential scale and impact of a brand like Atrius backed by a company like Acuity Brands. The idea that I could have an outsized impact on how the world’s largest organizations manage their buildings and carbon footprint – an impact that is much more than I could have individually in my own life – that’s what sealed the deal for me.

RP: How does working at Atrius support your work-life balance?
AD: One reason I joined Atrius was its remote-first focus. This approach aligns with my frustration for the conventional commute culture. Instead of commuting, Atrius enables me to optimize my time, allowing me to drop my kids to school, work across various time zones, or even take a break for a game with my family. This flexible work structure genuinely aligns with Atrius’s organizational goals, which I deeply appreciate.

RP: How have your achievements at Acuity been recognized?
In 2022, I was honored to be nominated and subsequently awarded the Associate’s Day (employee recognition). This wasn’t just about the significance of the nomination or award; it was also an opportunity to attend the PGA Tournament at the East Lake Golf Club outside Atlanta, Georgia with colleagues, teammates, and executives.

While personal commendations from supervisors are appreciated, this award showcased recognition on a broader organizational level. Only a select few receive this honor annually, emphasizing the impact of my contributions to Acuity. It’s an experience I deeply cherish and count among my notable achievements at the organization.

RP: Beyond your daily tasks, how do you stay engaged with Atrius’ culture and team?
AD: At a global level, staying connected with a fully remote team remains challenging. However, it’s about being proactive and promoting the culture you desire in a team. Every week our engineering team dedicates time to chat about non-work topics, helping us stay engaged and getting to know one another. Additionally, in-person meetings, like the marketing and product team offsites, have proven beneficial in fostering connections. It’s these meetings and interactions that keep the sense of team spirit alive.

RP: Describe a positive experience you’ve had while working at Atrius
Being in a position to elevate my team is what truly gives me satisfaction. When our team developed one of the initial applications on the new platform, I ensured everyone’s contribution was recognized through our demo presentations. This collective acknowledgment made the entire experience rewarding and memorable.

RP: Share a moment where you felt proud to be a part of Atrius.
I recall working on accessibility features for one of our maps products, which wasn’t just another feature but something life-changing for certain users. Seeing senior leadership internally and externally share its significance and impact on platforms like LinkedIn made me incredibly proud. It reiterated the value of our work and the change it brought to many lives.

RP: Name your favorite cross-functional team to work with, and tell us why they’re your favorite.
Undoubtedly, it’s my engineering teams, and in particular my engineering manager Andrew Tomai. What I genuinely appreciate about him is his consistent drive for improvement and his commitment to doing what is right for the team. When our collaboration began, there wasn’t a clear vision or set of principles. The team had previously embarked on various independent projects without a cohesive approach. Together, Andrew and I took the initiative to instill product development principles, enabling the team to be more autonomous. They now effectively conduct their ceremonies, pursue discovery, and have the tools they need for execution. Throughout this transformative process, Andrew Tomai was an invaluable ally, making him and the team my top choice for collaboration.

RP: Andrew, many often wonder about the cultural aspects of an organization. Could you tell us about the company culture at Atrius and how it has impacted your work and personal growth?
Absolutely. Atrius places a lot of emphasis on continuous learning and innovation. We’re encouraged to not only push the boundaries of what our products can achieve but also to expand our horizons. This ethos has directly contributed to my personal and professional growth. It’s not just about getting the job done; it’s about understanding how we can better ourselves and the products we manage in the process.

RP: As someone who’s seen various shifts and changes in the tech industry, what do you believe sets Atrius apart from other firms regarding product management?
Atrius is unique because it marries user-centric design with forward-thinking technology. In the realm of product management, this translates to a meticulous focus on user feedback while simultaneously staying ahead of technological trends. At Atrius, we’re not just reacting to industry changes; we’re often ahead of the curve, anticipating the market’s needs. This proactiveness is truly what sets us apart.

RP: What does product management mean to you?
Product management is the art of solving problems in ways that our customers love. It’s about bridging the gap between business needs and customer desires. Whether it’s a software solution or a simple process, it’s about hypothesis, testing, and iterating. Interestingly, I’ve incorporated product practices into my personal life, setting visions and strategies for my family, much like how I approach my role at Atrius.

Our conversations with the voices of Atrius always leave us inspired. Andrew’s story is a testament to the passion, dedication, and drive that fuel our organization. As we continue to shine a light on the remarkable individuals shaping Atrius, stay tuned for more illuminating insights in our next feature.

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