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Atrius® Sustainability Starter, Our New Entry-Level Carbon Accounting Platform, Empowers SMBs Starting the Net-Zero Journey

Atrius Sustainability Starter Helps Small to Mid-Sized Businesses Join the Fight Against Climate Change by Simplifying Scopes 1 and 2 Reporting

Introducing the first free carbon accounting software on the market

At Atrius, we believe every business has an important role in protecting the planet. It’s encouraging to see more businesses rising to the challenge of addressing climate change through innovative sustainability initiatives. Small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs), because they represent more than 90% of the world’s economic engine, represent significant potential to create positive momentum toward reducing global carbon emissions. However, while SMBs are a powerful economic force, until now there has not been a high-quality, effectively priced solution on the market to allow them to start their journey.

We are excited to announce the launch of Atrius® Sustainability Starter, a completely free solution with the goal of kickstarting the broad adoption of sustainability reporting tools for those at the beginning of their journeys. Atrius Sustainability Starter is the first assured solution on the market for formal carbon accounting disclosures that gives sustainability managers an opportunity to try the solution at no cost for as long as they like – no trial periods. It is also built with fully assured, science-backed data tracking for scopes 1 and 2 emissions and is easy to use and implement. 

Everyone should have access to powerful carbon accounting tools

This solution will change how SMBs view sustainability and set targeted short- and long-term goals to reduce their emissions. Because time and money continue to be some of the biggest obstacles for many SMBs, this explains some of the hesitation to add sustainability to their operations. To address this, it’s critical that everyone has access to quality carbon tracking tools, the first and foundational step in reducing carbon emissions.

Considering that more than half of public companies are still using spreadsheets to compile and calculate emissions, it’s a safe assumption that percentage is even higher for smaller businesses. While 28% of small to midsize businesses are even disclosing greenhouse gas emissions, their manual reporting methods are a drain on company budgets, and carry the risk of errors. This can cause compliance issues as reporting regulations come into play.

For those organizations further along in their sustainability journeys, Atrius also offers an enterprise tier product. The enterprise tier adds a scopes 3 library, which will support anticipated regulatory compliance, and also automates data uploads from utility bills, supply chain, and other external sources. Companies that begin their sustainability journeys with Atrius Sustainability Starter can easily upgrade to this version, building upon data they’ve compiled and enabling automated workflows and features to streamline the reporting component of their sustainability programs. Those with the enterprise version will also have access to our deep bench of sustainability experts including a dedicated Customer Success Manager.  

Atrius® Sustainability Starter Features

Not sure where to begin with the free Atrius Sustainability Starter or go with the Enterprise version? Take a look at this comparison chart:

& Integrations
Atrius® Sustainability
Atrius® Sustainability
FREEStarting at $15,000
Emissions engine – Scope 1 & 2
Emissions engine – Scope 3
Dashboards & storyboardsOne Fixed Dashboard
Data quality and gap fill management tools
Baselines and Forecasts
Proactive alerts and notifications
Utility Rate & Tariff Engine
Goal Setting
Manual meter & bulk upload integration
Automated utility bill integration
Automated building automation data integration
Interval utility meter integration
Renewable energy integration
Supply chain and ERP (Scope 3) integration

Atrius stands by the power of data. Solid, reliable, and up-to-date data is essential for reaching goals and monitoring progress. Sustainability isn’t just for the largest organizations. Any sized business, in any industry, can reduce their carbon footprint by just getting a better understanding of their energy usage.

Atrius Sustainability Starter will help sustainability teams save valuable time by automating the data collection process. We’re confident that as they see the impact of reduced costs and progress, they’ll become even more enthusiastic about sustainability as we all work together toward climate change resilience.

Ready to see what Atrius® Sustainability Starter can do for your company? Try it for free today – sign up here.

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