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New Atrius® Wayfinder Improvements Enable Even More Freedom for Travelers 

Atrius Wayfinder is opening the world, one airline and airport at a time. Our latest update provides a rich set of new features to create more accessible experiences.

Atrius Mobile SDK Features

Atrius Wayfinder is opening the world, one airline and airport at a time. Our latest update provides a rich set of new features to create more accessible experiences including: 

  • Auditory enhancements compatible with native iOS and Android voice reader technologies  
  • Visual enhancements that improve the readability of content on web pages and screens by optimizing color contrast and increasing the size of text and map visuals  
  • Resizing touch elements of map controls and buttons

We are rolling these new features out now, starting with a leading global airline to support millions of travelers around the world. Starting with this update we are on a journey to remove additional barriers within air travel using innovative technology.  

The aviation and travel industry work daily to make ease of travel a reality for everyone. We are inspired by services such as TSA PreCheck, mobile check-ins and boarding passes, and digital signage, we are proud to support the larger industry mission to make travel more accessible and inclusive.

Ease of Travel for All

In 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act introduced new meanings and a broader awareness to the word “accessibility”. In the subsequent 33 years, we’ve applied the term to everything from doorways to websites. For example, in the physical world, architects are replacing design barriers with accessible features to welcome everyone, despite mobility challenges. In our digital spaces, software engineers are building web content and applications we can all navigate, regardless of physical limitations like impaired vision, hearing, or touch.  

Digital experiences are increasingly important to how we interact with and enjoy our physical environments. Therefore I’ve observed that accessibility, or the lack of, is garnishing more and more attention.  

Innovative technology that solves accessibility challenges of navigating physical areas more effectively is crucial to enabling smarter, safer and greener spaces worldwide. 

How to Access the Newest Atrius Wayfinder SDK Features

Before releasing the upgraded SDKs, Atrius engineers tested the solution on a variety of physical and virtual devices, with varying screen sizes and dimension, as well as various OS versions to ensure a uniform experience with strong coverage.   

On iOS (launching mid February 2023!) we utilize the Accessibility Inspector built into xCode:   

On Android we use the Accessibility Scanner:  

Atrius Wayfinder Mobile SDK users ready to upgrade with these accessibility features are invited to start by reviewing the latest iOS and Android documentation.  

The updates are automatically available when you upgrade your mobile application to Android version 3.2.42 or higher. Equally important, these accessibility features will update with future releases. There’s no development time required of airport or airline software teams.

The Role of Continuous Customer Feedback

These innovations benefit all Atrius Wayfinder customers, starting with our many airline and airport partners committed to accessibility for all their passengers. 

At Atrius, customer relationships provide critical feedback; They deliver insight from frequent and not-frequent flyers at a high volume. The upgraded Atrius Wayfinder SDKs are the direct result of our partners sharing their customers’ feedback, or in some cases, recording themselves using the mobile app features like passengers. 

We depend on technology in so many ways and for multiple reasons, including navigating new places. However, we at Atrius believe there is still a gap in improving how more people engage with mobile applications and technology overall to better navigate the spaces around them.  

Atrius, and especially my colleagues in the Atrius Wayfinder product and engineering team, is energized and ready to decrease traveler uncertainty about being in new places by increasing independence with powerful navigational software. We believe our relationship with key industry players will keep us ahead of market trends, delivering broader and deeper accessibility.

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