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New Atrius mapping feature enables a seamless travel experience for passengers 

The travel experience begins hours or days before passengers leave for the airport. Read more about how travel industry all are investing heavily in building digital tools, primarily focusing on mobile apps.

The travel experience begins hours or days before passengers leave for the airport. Passengers are thinking about last-minute packing, getting to the airport, parking, clearing TSA, navigating to their gate, and locating concessions — all before finding their seat on the plane. Each of these steps significantly impacts passengers’ overall experiences. As a result, airlines, airports and travel apps are all investing heavily in building digital tools, primarily focusing on mobile apps.   

The primary goal of these applications is to simplify the day of travel and give passengers greater visibility into what they can expect at the airport. 

Today, I’m really excited to announce a significant milestone along our continuing journey of innovating wayfinding to enhance day of travel experiences. Starting immediately, Atrius® Wayfinder Mobile SDK users can integrate their Atrius-hosted maps directly into their branded mobile applications to continue offering passengers innovative, day of travel mobile solutions.

Full Features of Atrius New Embedded Maps

  • Embed a small view of the airport map directly into your mobile application without the need to redirect passengers into the full Atrius map experience to understand their contextual location or destination 
  • Offer passengers a Point-to-Point view of a portion of their travel journey – for example, the map snippet could show their path from Security to their assigned Gate 
  • Drawing passengers’ attention to key points of interest with customizable highlighting  
  • Configure what elements and controls appear on the map view depending on the experience you want to create.

The Future of Travel Apps – a Full 360 Approach

This exciting new Embedded Maps feature evolved from our partnerships with many global airlines creating mobile app-led personalized travel itineraries. Our Strategic Accounts team is made up of subject matter experts on not just the aviation vertical but all Atrius solutions that enable smarter, safer, and greener spaces. We work with our top customers to understand their business goals and translate those into Atrius solutions – including providing direct feedback to our product roadmap.   

Any Atrius customer leveraging our native Mobile SDKs for iOS (launching mid February 2023!) and Android can seamlessly bring map snippets into their brand application, giving passengers location context and personalized journeys at a glance instead of accessing the full Atrius map. It sounds simple, but the Embedded Maps enhancement is just one step towards a passenger-first future with simplified travel tools.    

Similarly, many global airports will also be able to leverage this new feature to improve their airport-owned mobile app experiences in a similar way. Airlines are adding destinations and routes, moving more passengers through airports at increasingly higher volumes. And these airport operators are looking for ways to support seamless travel experiences and capture the revenue opportunities of having more people in their terminals.

“I’m really excited about the new Atrius embedded maps feature because it will give our airline, airport, and travel app customers so much flexibility to design personalized wayfinding journeys in their app interface. Collaborating closely with our best customers gives my team great insight into how we continue providing best-in-class location and wayfinding solutions.” 

~ Andrew Dallmann

Our Next Innovation

Our team has long believed travel doesn’t have to be a stressful or fragmented experience. Using our technology and customer feedback, we’re building towards a future where passengers have accurate, real-time information from when they leave their homes to when they return.   

As airlines and travel providers invest more in mobile applications, they’ll rely on features like Atrius embedded maps to deliver a fully branded, hyper-contextualized customer experience. And as airports continue funding infrastructure improvements to manage the increasing volume, technology like this will play a critical role in managing passengers throughout their journey.   

And for the passengers, we intend to continue evolving wayfinding to provide them with better transparency and control over their travel journey from door to door. 

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