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United Airlines Releases a New Mobile App to Support Contactless and Accessible Travel For All

Congratulations to our partner United Airlines on the recent release of their fully redesigned passenger-facing mobile app!


While this release was a long time in the making, United was able to stay nimble in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and adjust their mobile app priorities to include a number of new contactless travel features. Contactless travel is rapidly becoming a top priority in the aviation space, and this release by United is a great example of innovation at a time with passenger trust and safety is a top priority.  

Upgrades & Updates

The redesign comes with a number of new features including a contextualized home screen that begins displaying 48 hours before a flight. On the day of travel, passengers can turn to Maps within United’s app for step-by-step directions to their gate. United worked with us to incorporate this new design scheme into their maps as well. Now, wherever they navigate in the United app, passengers experience a seamless branded experience. The upgrade also makes United the first airline globally to adopt the new Maps iOS SDK, version 3.0, which brings 3D vector maps to the passenger mobile app experience, among other enhancements.

The team also incorporated updates that enable better color contrasting and integration with common screen reader technologies. These updates also position United Airlines as a leader in developing passenger centered innovation with an accessibility-first perspective.  

United Airlines’ new traveler-centric app puts a safer, contactless day-of-travel experience in the palm of their passengers’ hands. The accessible and user-friendly updates reflect United Airlines’ commitment to delivering an independent travel experience for passengers of all abilities. 

Congratulations again to United Airlines on this huge milestone! 

Read United’s press release here.

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