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New Digital Maps are Making Travel Easier at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) passengers and guests can look forward to planning and navigating their airport visit with upgraded website maps featuring user-friendly, mobile navigational support powered by Atrius® Personal Wayfinder. Travelers have resources for everything from parking options to COVID-19 safety items at their fingertips.

Airport Goals

Safety, security and customer service are Phoenix Sky Harbor’s top priorities, and they wanted to make sure that they were also highlighting the various health amenities travelers can find at the airport.

Phoenix Sky Harbor also wants to ensure smoother day-of-travel experiences, in part by helping passengers locate all the points of interest—shops, restaurants, and unique features—that enrich airport time. And because personal devices and websites are essential traveler tools these days, PHX is replacing their existing online PDF maps with intuitive, real-time, accurate navigation software to guide guests beyond departure and arrival gates.

As airports expand, whether by adding square footage, welcoming new concessioners, or installing sophisticated technology, indoor wayfinding is increasingly necessary. Staff and travelers benefit from knowing an airport’s spaces and assets. As do operating budgets. Non-aeronautical revenue such as travel-related retail, parking, and property development make up 40% of airport revenue. And if passengers have difficulty finding stores, dining options, or even vending machines, not only does this mean a potentially less than desirable travel experience, it also impacts airport revenue. For PHX, incorporating wayfinding technology encourages guests to explore the airport, offering a richer day of travel experience. Updated maps also support their concession partners by enhancing the discoverability of amenities beyond boarding gates.


PHX passengers can now get from “here” to check-in, security, the nearest open restroom, a PPE vending machine, a COVID-19 testing site, contactless food service, retail stores, and unique vendors showcasing local culture. Of course, PHX’s knowledgeable and friendly staff is happy to share information about accessible services, the much-enjoyed museum program, and more; the new mapping software lets travelers choose between these interpersonal exchanges or self-service wayfinding.

Indoor mapping is essential to making built spaces, including airports, more discoverable and functional. Online access to modernized Phoenix Sky Harbor terminal directories is one way of meeting fliers’ expectations for a safe, contactless travel experience. When travelers are ready to fly, shop, or enjoy PHX’s local cuisine, they can plan it all from the palm of their hand!

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