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Airbus’ Tripset App Enhances Passenger Confidence With Location-Specific COVID Safety Guidelines

Air travel in 2021 requires passengers to do more than choose a destination and book a flight. COVID-19 protocols demand deeper research and real-time access to fluctuating information. Airbus, a […]

Air travel in 2021 requires passengers to do more than choose a destination and book a flight.

COVID-19 protocols demand deeper research and real-time access to fluctuating information. Airbus, a leading international reference in the aerospace sector, is providing traveler’s a helping hand by aggregating this information at flyers’ fingertips, making travel planning safe and easy. In the truest sense of the phrase, “it takes a village,” Airbus is collaborating with Airports Council International, Sherpa, Atrius®, and other industry leaders to go wheels up with a passenger-centric strategy to rebuild traveler trust: an innovative airline and airport agnostic mobile app supporting travel recovery.

Launched in February 2021, the Airbus Tripset app integrates location-specific COVID-19 safety guidelines with up-to-date departure and destination information to expand traveler knowledge. The visually intuitive app increases passenger confidence by reducing searches and taking the guesswork out of safe air travel during COVID-19.

The interactive digital maps, powered by Atrius® Wayfinder, help travelers navigate the airport from check-in to baggage claim and flag available amenities closest to them, such as open shops and restaurants. The app’s comprehensive explanations of local health measures combined with the built-in mapping capabilities make it a welcome travel companion for every leg of the flyer’s journey.

Using Airbus’ screenshots, let’s plan a digital trip from London to New York to experience how Tripset looks and works.

Planning safe travel door-to-door

Tripset allows passengers to preview public health guidelines for any selected location during an initial flight search. Choose a city, and Tripset shows all the COVID-19 restrictions and actions required before departure or upon arrival.

What can otherwise be a stressful and overwhelming process for passengers when booking a flight, Tripset delivers in a few simple steps. Let’s see how Tripset displays pandemic-related measures for our virtual trip from London to New York:

  • Current COVID-19 restrictions for international travelers
  • Required documentation (e.g., COVID-19 test results)
  • Area-specific health and safety regulations (e.g., masks, physical distancing, dining)
  • Safety procedures to expect on arrival
  • Keep tapping, and Tripset helps you preview airline safety measures, as shown in the last image above.

Discovering airport amenities and safety protocols

Heading to the airport with limited or inaccurate information can lead to anything from getting lost to missed flights to a stressful travel experience in general. Passengers can familiarize themselves with airport layouts and amenities before they even enter the building by scrolling and clicking through Tripset’s interactive maps. Making airports more discoverable also helps reduce anxiety about navigating a new location or managing fluctuating safety guidelines.

Tripset’s built-in mapping system powered by Atrius Wayfinder gives users real-time walking directions to anywhere in the airport, from hand sanitizing stations to contactless food service options. The indexed categorization of all the airport’s concessions works inside mobile devices, directing travelers to stores or the nearest restroom, entertainment options, and prompting them when it’s time to board.

The integrated maps display walking directions and accessible routes from the user’s current location to the assigned departure gate. Tripset shows contactless QR codes for boarding passes, a short video about what to expect on the flight, and reminds passengers of the safety measures they’ll need to follow upon arrival.

For our sample trip, we can rely on Tripset’s notifications for our London departure time, anticipated arrival in the Big Apple, gate changes on either end, and COVID-19 related on- and offboarding procedures to best organize our airport time.

Tripset’s self-guiding maps will get travelers from the arrival gate to wherever they need to go upon deplaning: restroom, snack, customs, or baggage claim. The robust app even helps us choose our commuting options from the airport to our local destination.

Download the free Tripset iOS or Android app from the App Store or GooglePlay.

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