Atrius Asset Locator

Bridge the gap between physical assets and digital processes

Leverage real-time asset tracking to optimize business operations and reduce costs.

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Atrius - Enterprise Operations Suite

Asset Tracking

Store location data and build custom queries with a cloud-based application.

In-Depth Analysis

Discover and identify precise trends in how people and assets move around your space.

Custom Reporting

Sharpen awareness of asset movement with custom reports leveraging geospatial data.


Path Optimization

Evaluate traffic patterns to test the effects of floor plan changes before rolling out portfolio-wide.

Spatial Planning

Influence purchasing decisions by placing specific products or promotional items in high-activity areas.

Equipment Maintenance

Capture a detailed view of equipment usage to plan maintenance around utilization and wear, rather than a fixed schedule.

Customer Profiles

Gain detailed insights into visitor behavior to craft personalized engagement opportunities.

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