Enterprise Operations

Bridge the gap between physical assets and digital processes

Leverage real-time asset tracking to optimize business operations and reduce costs.

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Atrius - Enterprise Operations Suite

Operational Visibility

Operational Visibility

View the location and state of employees, inventory, and high-value assets in real-time.

Simplified Compliance

Ensure specific items are positioned correctly to maintain CPG and general vendor compliance.

Optimized Layouts

Understand how spatial changes impact associate productivity and guest experiences.


A/B Traffic Analysis

Evaluate heatmap patterns to test the effects of floor plan changes before rolling out portfolio-wide.

Spatial Planning

Influence purchasing decisions by placing specific products or promotional items in high-activity areas.

Customer Profiles

Apply path analysis to tailor engagement opportunities for visitors with similar movement patterns.

Wait Time Analysis

Analyze service area wait times to shorten queues and increase customer satisfaction.

Resource Placement

Compare associate and visitor traffic patterns to relocate staff and assets according to demand.

Equipment Utilization

Monitor equipment uptime and utilization to plan maintenance around usage and wear.

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