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Atrius - Building Performance Suite

Sustainable Buildings

Accelerate your success towards ESG goals and carbon offset initiatives.

Streamlined Visibility

Centralize real-time data streams from utilities and sensors at the system and portfolio level.

Actionable Insights

Find hidden potential for improving resource efficiency without sacrificing occupant comfort.


Predictive Usage Modeling

Easily build baselines that account for variable and demand changes to better anticipate future resource usage.

Project Measurement & Verification

Automatically track, validate, and report on capital projects using industry-standard IPMVP protocols and variables for weather, occupancy, and time periods.

Occupant Engagement

Showcase energy performance with community-wide sustainability reporting to drive occupant awareness and action.

Emissions Rate Scheduling

Custom reporting, rate structures, and increased data accuracy help realize emissions goals faster.

Robust Integrations

Aggregate building performance data from Energy Star Portfolio Manager, sensor devices, renewable generation, and various other sources.

Data Quality Engine

Automate labor-intensive data management with real-time monitoring to identify gaps and anomalies.

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