Atrius® Vision for Sustainability

Supercharge your sustainability goals with computer vision

Transform your video data into actionable sustainability insights

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  • No New Hardware

    Leverage your investment in security cameras to extract live knowledge of what is happening in your space.

  • Modular Analysis

    Capture live information from virtual sensors enabling you to extract different insights from a single camera.

  • Custom Views

    Create custom views, dashboards, and reports to enable staff monitoring, customer displays, and track temperature, humidity, heating, or cooling degree days (HDD and CDD) and occupancy.

  • Real-Time Updates

    Be in the know at all times with alerts for SMS and email based on sensor outputs.

  • Data Integrations

    Enjoy simple integrations with your existing applications and business intelligence systems.


Understand how people move throughout your spaces with a sustainability lens

Queue Management

Track operational efficiency with live updates on wait times in queues and enhance occupational flow patterns.

Occupancy Monitoring

Measure presence and number of people in a space to allocate resources more efficiently including staffing levels as well as energy consumption including heating, cooling, and electricity.

Footfall Analysis

Maximize the value of your space with a granular understanding of traffic patterns to optimize resource allocation.

Streamline building operations with real-time data

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