Risk Mitigation, Time Savings, and Peace of Mind: The Inherent Value of Sustainability Data Assurance

Dive into a candid conversation with the Product Manager of our award-winning carbon accounting platform.

Carbon accounting has never been more crucial as the world realizes the importance of accurately measuring and reducing our carbon footprint. I sat down with Chelsea Davis, the lead Product Manager behind Atrius® Sustainability, to discuss a pivotal part of our automated carbon accounting software; third-party sustainability data assurance. 

This conversation delves into the intricacies of our third-party sustainability data assurance from Apex Companies. Together we uncover the value assurance provides to our users, providing clarity to both novices and experts in the realm of carbon accounting. 

A Q+A about third-party sustainability data assurance with Chelsea Davis 

Ricky Porco, Senior Marketing Manager, Atrius: Hey Chelsea! Let’s kick things off. Can you explain the significance of third-party assurance from the top down, specifically with regard to our assurance document from Apex? For those who might be new to this, what is an assurance document and why do we have it? 

Chelsea Davis, Product Manager, Atrius Sustainability: Absolutely. Think of the platform assurance document as a seal of authenticity. It’s verified by a top environmental consultant, Apex Companies. They’ve confirmed that we adhere to the best industry practices for carbon accounting and ESG reporting. In essence, it’s a tool for our users to trust that we are meticulous in calculations that are hard-coded into Atrius Sustainability. 

The document offers a detailed breakdown into calculation methodologies for each scope of emission. For instance, under scope one it illustrates the methodologies we utilize to calculate emissions for customers and the emission factors we provide for those specific categories. This is done for each scope, ensuring transparency and clarity on our methods. 

RP: What’s the rationale behind it? 

CD: Carbon accounting and sustainability reporting come with a multitude of regulations and requirements. As a sustainability manager, the pressure to be the expert on and keep up with ever-changing guidelines is immense. By having Apex vouch for our platform, our customers can be confident that our calculations align with these regulations, helping relieve some of that burden. They can sidestep the complexities of manual calculations and continual adjustments that result from evolving guidance. 

RP: Can you quantify the benefits this brings in terms of time or money? 

CD: Our platform can save organizations significant time, equivalent to the efforts of one or two full-time sustainability employees. However, it’s not about replacing them, but empowering them to shift from mere data entry to strategizing and making impactful strides towards decarbonization. 

RP: Does this document detail our calculation methods? 

CD: Yes, it’s comprehensive. It goes through each scope, elaborates on any internal calculations, and specifies the methodologies we adopt based on established industry frameworks. 

RP: Why should an Atrius Sustainability user be happy about this document? 

CD: Atrius Sustainability gives our users a head start in carbon emissions calculation, and assurance gives them peace of mind that their head start is legitimate. The document is a public statement that our platform is already audit-proof. It’s our commitment to being a trusted tool, and assurance from an industry heavyweight like Apex is a testament to that promise. It alleviates risks, especially during audits. 

RP: Can our clientele access this document? 

CD: Certainly. The assurance document isn’t just our claim that the platform is effective. It carries the weight of a third-party endorsement by Apex. Plus, it’s a valuable asset for our users during their emissions reporting audits. 

RP: Is risk mitigation a significant advantage our customers gain by using a third-party assured platform? 

CD: Undoubtedly. The mounting sustainability reporting regulations necessitate accurate, transparency, consistency, and reliability. Our sustainability data assurance ensures we’re not only precise but also aligned with public guidance in the field. 

RP: How frequently does Apex review our platform? 

CD: Every time we introduce new emission factors or features, Apex performs a meticulous review, ensuring our assurance document remains current. 

RP: For those with a short attention span, can you provide a brief summary (TLDR) of everything we just covered? 

CD: Of course! Atrius Sustainability lets users automate carbon emissions accounting, and Apex assures the process happening “behind the scenes” is audit-proof. This means sustainability professionals can concentrate on emission reduction initiatives, confident in the platform’s calculations. The Apex assurance document is a testimony to our credibility, offering third-party validation that our platform is trustworthy. 


Carbon accounting is intricate and time-consuming, but with tools like our platform backed by sustainability data assurance from industry leaders like Apex, navigating this landscape becomes significantly easier. Our dedication to transparency, accuracy, and adherence to industry standards ensures our users can focus on what truly matters: making tangible progress in sustainability. With sustainability data assurance in place, we reaffirm our commitment to providing a reliable platform that stands up to scrutiny and drives real-world impact. 

If you’re interested in a deep dive, check out our official Assurance Document from Apex. 

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