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LlamaZOO Launches ClarityDT Beta Program, A Real-Time Data Integrated Digital Twin Solution, Accessible on Apple Vision Pro Technology 

Nvidia and Apple Technologies will enable LlamaZOO technology partners like Acuity Brands to visualize, manage and collaborate using their data like never before.

Nvidia and Apple Technologies will enable LlamaZOO technology partners like Acuity Brands to visualize, manage and collaborate using their data like never before

Victoria, BC – June 20, 2023 LlamaZOO, a spatial business intelligence provider, today announced the beta release of its digital twin editing software, Clarity Digital Twin (ClarityDT), which creates immersive, real-time replicas of physical assets. The software utilizes advanced computing technologies from Nvidia and can be experienced on desktops, tablets, VR headsets, and soon, Apple Vision Pro. By analyzing data from various sources, including satellite imaging and physical mapping, organizations can create 3D replicas of assets like manufacturing facilities, entire geographies, mines, and much more, to streamline operations. The ClarityDT beta program allows users to start working within their digital twin using mixed reality in a matter of days. Industrial technology company Acuity Brands is already leveraging the software to further enhance its Atrius portfolio of cloud applications for intelligent spaces. Industrial enterprises can register for the ClarityDT beta program now to be one of the first to explore their data on Apple’s new spatial computer.  

“Pairing LlamaZOO’s new ClarityDT technology with Nvidia and the Apple Vision Pro headset creates an incredibly powerful visualization tool that transcends language and simplifies subject matter and domain specific knowledge – its impact is beyond compare,” said Charles Lavigne, CEO of LlamaZOO. “Integrating this spatial technology breaks down barriers, accelerating business decisions by providing real-time shared experiences and understanding of data.” 

Traditional pen-and-paper methods dominate around 70% of industrial processes, leading to errors, misinterpretation, and inefficiencies. Moreover, conventional data analysis tools often struggle to handle spatial data, hindering effective decision-making. By harnessing ClarityDT, businesses and industries can now revolutionize their data visualization, management, and collaboration. For example: 

  • Intelligent spaces. ClarityDT provides a data visualization layer. The software can be used by industrial technology companies like Acuity Brands to unlock operational efficiencies for its customers.  Acuity Brands is connecting Atrius® DataLab, the company’s open data platform that enables building management at scale, with ClarityDT to deliver applications that improve location awareness and provide building insights monitoring. These best in class applications, built on top of a single platform,  give customers better access to their data while helping them optimize how their buildings perform.  

 “For the last year and a half we’ve been working with LlamaZOO to explore how Atrius® DataLab could be extended and visualized as a 3D spatial digital twin”, said Sandeep Modhvadia, Vice President of Product Management, Atrius, Acuity Brands.  “The ClarityDT beta technology is a great opportunity to see this extension come to life. We are excited to continue our technology partnership with LlamaZOO so that we can offer solutions to the market that take advantage of this impressive technology. ”

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LlamaZOO’s solutions have earned the trust of major companies around the world, including those in mining, energy, manufacturing, and property development. Read the full press release.

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