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Atrius Applications: At the Intersection of Technology and Sustainability

When we first introduced Atrius almost two years ago, we spoke about our intention to bring the best solutions in building management under one brand to enable every organization to […]

When we first introduced Atrius almost two years ago, we spoke about our intention to bring the best solutions in building management under one brand to enable every organization to transform the spaces we live, work, and play. And while that goal still rings true to this day, since that time, we’ve learned that the journey towards smarter, safer, and greener spaces is anything but linear.  

Two years later, I am excited to introduce to you an expanded and more integrated portfolio of solutions in the Atrius family. 

Atrius Building Insights, our multipurpose energy tool is now Atrius Energy, our real-time utility monitoring and measuring tool that helps system integrators and facility managers get a deep understanding of exactly how their energy is being used, down to the point level. When combined with our energy optimization recommendations, Atrius Energy helps businesses, governments, and schools do more with less.

I’m also thrilled to announce three new applications in our portfolio:

Atrius Sustainability is our carbon emissions tool to help customers automate both their emissions calculations and disclosure reporting. With tens of thousands of emissions factors from the major agencies and support for the most popular disclosure frameworks, Atrius Sustainability is comprehensive solution to help customers save time and money.

Atrius Facilities is another new solution we announced that takes management of on-premise equipment to the cloud, enabling large-scale command-and-control of different equipment types, across many buildings, all with a single toolset. This allows facilities managers to be efficient as they operate large portfolios. The first phase of Atrius Facilities will be available in private preview this fall.

These four applications join the rest of the Atrius portfolio:

  • Atrius Locator, our indoor location solution to help track and trace high value assets around the space.
  • Atrius Wayfinder, is a large-scale indoor mapping and location service to help employees and visitors navigate around a space, previously known as Atrius Personal Wayfinder.
  • Atrius Vision, is a computer vision AI tool to analyze live video streams to determine how a space is being used.
city skyline with atrius application suite on right side

While our Atrius applications are cloud-first and enable customers to centralize and automate vast amounts of data easily, industry-leading Distech Controls hardware allows customers to leverage best-in-class controllers within their buildings. This means that customers could start the journey with us from a data-driven cloud first point or an onsite-controls-driven point.

With this updated portfolio we are empowering sustainability officers, energy managers, and facilities operators better than ever before, both directly and with our large network of System Integrators and Channel Partners.

Thank you for continuing to be on this journey with us. We’re excited to move forward together with our customers and partners on a path towards smarter, safer, and greener buildings. 

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