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Atrius® DataLab: An Innovative Digital Twin Platform 

Revolutionizing building automation and management

Atrius DataLab, introduced on June 15th 2023, is an innovative application platform focused on the end user’s need for comprehensive building insights. It enables smarter outcomes for control and usage systems within a building’s enterprise operations, becoming the first solution on the market to implement RealEstateCore v4.  

This solution is the next evolution in building automation, built upon Microsoft Azure, including their Digital Twin and Azure IoT platforms. This allows businesses to automate their building and resource management within a single and easy-to-use tool. Our seven applications reveal a detailed view of each building and how to unlock its full potential – setting Atrius DataLab apart from the competition.

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Building Automation Control

This comprehensive platform offers an alternative to the building automation industry, previously split between smaller, digital-only vendors and legacy vendors with walled, proprietary systems. Atrius DataLab is an open edge-to-cloud option with fully customizable control for building operators. This means users find faster time-to-value and reduce energy costs for their portfolio of buildings.

Corporate Sustainability Pressure 

Facility operators are under increased pressure to improve building energy performance as regulatory bodies, and the public, call for sustainability. Studies show that a third of commercial building energy is wasted, they consume 35 percent of the nation’s electricity, and generate 16 percent of its carbon emissions. This means that corporations, more now than ever, need a powerful tool to improve these statistics.

Comprehensive Building Data Aggregation

Atrius DataLab is data-agnostic, meaning it can easily receive and process building information from multiple sources without fail. This includes, but is not limited to: 

  • HVAC Systems
  • Lighting Units 
  • Thermostats 
  • Air Quality Sensors

The platform then combines these data streams, along with any external utility sources, sustainability programs, etc. into the digital twin. This creates a digital representation of the building, utilizing the thousands of data points to create the visage. This benefits the operator by offering endless opportunities for improving building performance through comprehensive data analysis and monitoring. 

In addition, the open architecture allows users to build on top of the platform, tailoring applications to provide them with the information they need for continual improvement.

Building Management Success with Atrius®

Atrius has been a leading building management system brand for years – understanding how building operations integrate is part of Acuity Brands’ DNA. With the number of global buildings expected to double by mid-century, its imperative building operators have the right tools to meet every resource management challenge. 

If you are interested in learning more about any of Atrius’ applications, schedule a demo today. 

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