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A comprehensive building automation platform that unifies operations across a built space

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An open digital twin for all your building data from the, past, present and future

Open First

Real Estate Core standard

Based on the Real Estate Core open standard, DataLab provides a digital twin for your building that presents a comprehensive view of your entire space and its activity.

Because Atrius DataLab is data agnostic, it can receive and effectively process multiple streams of building information from a multitude of sources in diverse formats.

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Global Scale

Built on top of Microsoft Azure Digital Twins, DataLab can support global customer portfolios that have thousands of buildings with millions of data nodes.

Harmonized Data

Our AI translators harmonize data to make sure it is structured and accessible as a single blended data source.

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Machine Learning Models

Our deep understanding of the building’s domain has enabled us to create models that can accurately simulate many types of hardware and how they operate and interact.

The Future

Today DataLab serves as the platform for Atrius and Distech Controls applications. In the future we will be opening up the platform for our customers and partners to develop on too.

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Backed by the power of Acuity Brands

Atrius is founded on a deep, empathic understanding of the rapidly evolving pain points of operating modern spaces. From the world’s largest airports to the architectural wonders of enterprise businesses and cutting-edge venues, we understand spaces are more than walls, windows, and ceilings.

The realization of our strategic vision is a class of innovative solutions working in sync to revolutionize how people operate, work in, and experience spaces. Atrius is part of the Intelligent Spaces Group, a new Acuity Brands division revolutionizing spaces to sense, think, and act.