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Manage commercial lighting at scale

A cloud solution to reduce operational costs, optimize energy usage, and improve occupant experiences.

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A corporate office building conference/meeting room that is very well lit

Reduce operational costs

Streamline the lighting repair and replacement process to give teams more time to focus on occupant comfort.

Optimize energy usage

Manage the brightness of lights within a space at scale to extend your fixtures’ life span.

Improve occupant experiences

Achieve greater control in how architectural lighting highlights your spaces’ unique personality.


Hardware management

Drivers and firmware can seamlessly be managed, updated, and secure through our cloud-based management platform.

Budget Planning

Simplify budget planning by balancing the real-time usage of lighting fixtures in your space against actual run time.

Scalable Configuration

Set and automate your lighting programs to control thousands of sites, with millions of fixtures within minutes.

Lighting Management

Deliver a specific type of experience within spaces through greater control of lighting wavelengths.

Energy Optimization

Reduce the brightness of lighting at scale without increasing wear on hardware or impacting occupant comfort.

Equipment Reporting

Insight into the availability and status of all fixtures to ensure spaces are operating as intended.

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