Personal Wayfinder

Atrius Personal Wayfinder SDK 3.1 - Indoor Positioning Software Development Kit

3D Rendering Engine Drives Revamped Personal Wayfinder SDK 3.1

Indoor positioning and wayfinding mobile apps became part of our daily lives over a decade ago when people adopted mobile apps as a preferred platform for everyday computing. As consumer and commercial expectations evolve, three emerging trends are shaping wayfinding solutions:  Touchless experiences are growing, complementing traditional mobile interfaces.  Organizations are focusing on delivering personalized omni-channel experiences to better track users physically and digitally.  As mobile platforms become increasingly fragmented, standardizing experiences consistent across different devices and form factors becomes more challenging.   Personal Wayfinder SDK version 3.1 – […]

Airbus Tripset App Powered by Atrius Personal Wayfinder

Airbus’ Tripset App Enhances Passenger Confidence With Location-Specific COVID Safety Guidelines

Air travel in 2021 requires passengers to do more than choose a destination and book a flight. COVID-19 protocols demand deeper research and real-time access to fluctuating information. Airbus, a leading international reference in the aerospace sector, is providing traveler’s a helping hand by aggregating this information at flyers’ fingertips, making travel planning safe and […]

Phoenix International Airport App

New Digital Maps are Making Travel Easier at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) passengers and guests can look forward to planning and navigating their airport visit with upgraded website maps featuring user-friendly, mobile navigational support powered by Atrius® Personal Wayfinder. Travelers have resources for everything from parking options to COVID-19 safety items at their fingertips. Airport Goals Safety, security and customer service […]

Austin Bergstrom International Airport App Powered by Atrius® Personal Wayfinder

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport’s Journey to Enriching Customer Service with Connected Wayfinding

Welcome to the first in a series of stories covering Austin-Bergstrom International Airport’s (AUS) journey to enhance customer services, elevate communications, and in the future, commence an expansion of their facilities. Atrius is excited to partner with AUS leaders to help revamp their passenger wayfinding tools and communication. Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS), owned and operated […]